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Jiangxi Nante successfully holds the first Warranty Service Training

2015-07-24 2218 User Sharing

After thorough preparation, we held the first Warranty Service Training in Gao’an Production Base.
  ▼ July 13, Nante dealers came to the Company from various cities. They took a photo with Nante’s reception staff in front of NT65W wheeled excavator.

  ▼ Nante engineers conducts training 

  ▼ Director of Production Department lectures in the workshop

  ▼ General Manager conducts training

  ▼A trainee is driving Nante Dongteng mini excavator

  ▼ Components introduction

  ▼ Lecture about warranty service process

  ▼ Nante assembly workshop

  ▼ Detailed introduction about Nante NT18 

  ▼ Trainees and Company leaders

  ▼ Trainees visit Nante’s tractor production base

  ▼ Chairman Xiong Wei, Directors of each department and trainees